Thursday 2 June 2005

Linspire (the distro previously known as Lindows)

Now, some (like the author of the article) might say that paying for a Linux distro and paying for ongoing access to a download solution for that distro is somehow a "bad thing". I would point out to these people that SuSe and RedHat are both charging for "free" stuff in one way or another, and while many would deem DeadRat a pariah, they seem fine with SuSe charging for their distro. This isn't about a holy war people, these companies are all in business to make money. Some just are being a tad more up front about how and what you are paying for.

That aside, I couldn't help but have a serious chuckle at this quote... ;-)

"A friendly Linux that keeps reaching for your wallet."

"Linspire Linux with strings attached" -- LinuxWorld