Saturday 30 December 2017

Subexistence, ...or... The Dying Art of Living


Scorched wasteland to the horizon before me.
More featureless wasteland all around as far as the eye can see.
As above, so below. There is no life.
Once I sowed seeds of hope on barren ground to grow nothing.
I sowed hope on fertile ground for less.
No hope grows here. Nothing does.
All is flat and featureless. At least I have no pain here.
Even the rocks and stones have crumbled to dust.

I see a man in a long flowing robe hanging from his spare frame.
He sees me but does not approach, but he does not flee.
He watches me with sad but curious eyes.
There are unknowable depths to his eyes.
His hair hangs long but lankly from his skull.
He is not alone.  I am not alone.

There is the other man. He is garbed in fashionable clothes.
He also sees me but does not approach nor flee.
He watches with an unknown fever in his bright eyes.
There is fear and hope in those eyes. There is also a darkness.
His hair is coifed elegantly, or is it a wig?
He is not alone. I am not alone.

It has been said that the greatest trick the lord of lies pulled in was convincing Us that he didn’t exist.
It has also been said that there are none so blind as those who do not wish to see.
Alone in a barren land and yet I am not alone.
I brought my demons to keep me company.

They say that the last thing remaining in Pandora’s box was “hope”.
That makes no sense.
If upon opening that cursed box she released all the ills of the world, that would mean it was a box of woe.
That means that “hope” is yet another “ill” that can beset the world.
What then is having hope but another lie?

The well-dressed man is smiling, as if to some wry humour.
The robed figure seems to be fading into some wraith.
Both beckon. Once only.
Choose, but choose wisely. There will be no second chances.
Choose I must, but how to choose.

All around the wastes extend.
Horizon to horizon.
Tis only now that the absence of the sun is noticed.
There is a permanent twilight as if seeing a poorly lit room through a veil.
And yet there is both heat and chill felt on the feint zephyrs that pass.

Now the sound is gone.
In this barren wasteland there was at least a sound of the crushing and grinding from some unknown origin as if the dust itself was still being ground down.
Now there is silence.
I open my mouth to speak. No sound comes forth.

The suited man appears to be speaking.
No sound is heard.
The robed man speaks.
Strangely I can hear him like a whisper carried on the wind.
Fragments of words that are more like a soliloquy spoken to the front row as I stand in the foyer.

There is a strangeness about this place.
There is familiarity too.
But how? Why? Whence do such feelings come?
I had thought I was past feeling anything.
Numbed by the Fates.
Numbed by my follies.
And yet, as the song goes, I still have tears to shed.
But none come forth.

Now the well-dressed man is fading too.
The robed man is as insubstantial as the shapes I once saw in clouds.
But there are no clouds here.
No birdsong.
Even the air feels thinner now.
Is it darkening also?
Fading to a darker shade of colourless grey?
Beige may be a boring colour, but there is something malevolent in grey.

There is an urgency and yet no movement.
There is need, but no suggestion of what is lacking.
There is no sense of purpose to anything.
Now all is stilled.
Both men, my personal demons, have faded to be indistinguishable from the grey that surrounds.

Am I alone?
No and yet yes.
There are teeming masses beyond the veil of grey.
I cannot sense them other than by the certainty of inner knowledge.
Past. Present. Future. Everyone and everything.
All exist in this one stretched moment in time.
And yet I know I am alone.

No thoughts now but one.
Choose what?
Why must I choose?
Between what things must this choice be made?
Do I have the knowledge to make an informed decision?
And yet I know I must.

A single silver coin spins up from nothing into the space above me.
It hangs there flashing with light in this place of endless grey un-being.
Is this what it has come to?
My life to be chosen for me by a single toss of a coin?
Yes, but I will not be told what the choice was nor the outcome of the toss.

I am alone and not alone.
I am nowhere and nowhen.
I did not. Could not. Choose.
So it was chosen by my inaction. My fear of choosing poorly condemned me.
This is the grey, purposeless existence of a drifting lost soul.
This is my life.
This is subexistence.

Copyright (C) 2017 rpgc. All rights reserved.

Inspired in part by Ozymandias (alt). It may not have lasted but at least he did something.

Saturday 24 June 2017

More Control of The Sheeples... This time it's their $$$...

You are probably sick of hearing about the latest piece of idiocy from our political overlords.  I know I am, but something that you should pay attention to is when they decide to impose restrictions on you without any clear mandate from the electorate....

I am not a lawyer, so the implications of the proposals on both side of the Pacific by the US and Oz federal governments are being interpreted by me in "simple English".   I haven't include links to the various Laws / Statutes because there are simply so many.  Just go google "reporting bearer negotiable instruments" for your government (the link is for the Oz "".... just drop the ".au" for the US).

That said, the limit on CASH (or equivalent blah, blah, "instruments") being carried IN TO or OUT OF either country is $10,000.  That has to be declared when you pass through customs.

As others have said, I don't really see a problem with that as it is currently defined.  I'd be nervous carrying that much cash (USD$ or AUD$) when travelling internationally.  Anyone who seems to see a need to carry that much "negotiable monetary instruments" internationally is likely as not trying to hide something.  Either taxes, duties or the legality of their purpose.

However, the US Congress has gotten it into its collective head to place a limit on those same "negotiable monetary instruments"  (ie: CASH) when you carry it around WITHIN your own country.

Disturbingly the Oz federal nutters are making noises of a similar idiotic nature.

Ok, I get it.  Someone carrying 100's of $1000s of dollars is probably doing something shady.  But setting the proposed limit at the same as  the cross-border transfer one of $10k is ludicrous. Think for ONE second how much things cost and how much you get for a "cash discount".... For those not familiar with the problem here, there are ceilings / limits on EFTPOS transactions, ATM withdrawls and bank-to-bank transfers.  Want to guess how LOW those limits are ?

The limits vary a little from bank to bank and between countries, but for Oz, the typical ATM tops out at $1k, EFTPOS at between $1k and $2k, and the bank-to-bank daily limit at $10k.  The limits on non-prepaid credit cards is massively higher (think buying a new car with a CC... it happens).

So when you negotiate that marvelous discount off your new lounge, white goods, home theatre or car, you had better think about how you will actually make the payment.

Having haggled a large discount on a used car by offering a cash settlement on the day (end of month for the dealer, so he had an incentive), I know that EFTPOS, ATM and bank-to-bank were not options. My only recourse was to front up to a bank teller at a business branch (not just any old branch due to size of withdrawl... I phoned ahead to find out what I had to do), sign an actual piece of paper and enter my PIN and acknowledge that I knew the bank would report the transaction as required under Law.  All that was fine by me and the bank and the dealer.

However, under the proposed Law for the USA (and likely as not heading for Oz), the fact of carrying that amount of physical currency without the appropriate government forms would lead to forfeiture (ie: they get it and I can never claim it back, even in court) plus the added problem of arrest and imprisonment for 5+ (at least) years.

If you think your (US or Oz) government is seriously doing this to "fight drugs" and/or "fight terrorism", you might want to think again.

Included in the proposed Bill is an attempt to bring control of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies under the same umbrella of Laws and strictures that apply to physical currency.  If you don't believe that this is happening, do a quick google of the proposed Bill.  Here's one search link as an example; Google Search "Senate Bill 1241".

And finally, for those "stackers" who think shifting any of their savings into precious metals will mitigate the risk, that is a possible solution, but not without its own risks.  Quite apart from the need to keep it OUT of any financial or government-run institution (look it up), keeping it safe somewhere you can get at it and not have it stolen or seized is a bit problematic, except possibly for "preppers". But do not forget that what amounts to legalised theft by your government is not beyond the realms of possibility... they HAVE done it before back in the USA in the 1930s.... (have a read....Gold Reserve Act of 1934).

Always remember; the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.... (never trust a desperate, bankrupt or corrupt government)...

Friday 16 June 2017

Equality At What Price ?

To avoid being dragged into court, I'll put the disclaimer first.  I have no affiliation with, nor do I make any representations regarding the views held by anyone I reference in this missive.... and I am not a lawyer (thankfully)...

In regards to relationships in the 21st century I have only ONE thing to say to any male seeking female companionship..... "caveat emptor".

Why ?  Have a look into what has happened to "equality" in the context of Family Courts around the globe.  Stuck for somewhere to start?  Try the books and videos by one Helen Smith.

Otherwise, "have a nice day".

Wednesday 26 April 2017

Advisory: "Cookies notification in European Union countries"

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To that end, please find Google's notice <here>. I have no control over what they choose to wrap around my blog.

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